Urinal #0003 (Full Movie)

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Published on: October 25, 2018


112:03 minutes, HDTV 1280×720, 4000 kBit/s, MP4 format:

The whole video of pissing girls is filmed in one long take.

You can download the whole file (3.40 GB) and additionally any of the 4 part files.

In case of download trouble, the whole movie is also offered as WinRAR archive.

4 reviews for Urinal #0003 (Full Movie)

  1. boltar (verified owner)

    Wow, incredible footage. Too bad the camera angle wasn’t down quite far enough to catch the others fully on the other side of the partition. Well done…

  2. murphy1985 (verified owner)

    this is easily the best ive seen, hope theres more.. worth every penny

  3. aandre99 (verified owner)

    Awesome video, love how it was well over an hour long, you should make the public piss poster videos an hour long as well, I have been purchasing videos from you for a long long time, amazing work, amazing videos, hope you will be around for a long time! 5 stars without a doubt,

  4. softlemonade (verified owner)


    Good: clear view of the girls in the foreground, consistent angle that keeps the whole body in view, no or close to no cuts, funny scenes (one lady uses the urinal backwards and this causes a chain reaction of women using it backwards).

    Could be better: the camera quality gets worse as the video goes on, the angle isn’t wide enough to also capture the actual action from the women on the other side of the fence.

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