May 12, 2024Content Piracy

There has been a major problem with content piracy for a long time, but recently it has become massively worse.
As a result, we have lost two of our best contributors, who can no longer accept that their clips are being distributed uncontrollably and therefore can no longer work safely.

We cannot prevent some members from carelessly or intentionally endangering the continued existence of this site, but we can exclude those who share our clips as members. That’s why every customer now receives individualized videos to download.
The films only differ by a few pixels in a few frames and can therefore be clearly assigned to the respective member. We introduced this innovation at the beginning of April.
There were a lot of problems, but now everything works reasonably well.

Please note: Each clip is only available once.
If another customer put the same clip in their shopping cart at the same time as you and checked out a little faster than you, you will then receive a message that the film is no longer in stock.
This inconvenience cannot be avoided, but the problem can be solved with just a few clicks by simply refreshing the shop page and then adding the desired clip to the shopping cart again.

The alternative would be that we close the shop permanently because we simply can’t get any more footage.

February 26, 2024Bitcoin Payment

Our crypto payment system has been updated, from now on it is no longer mandatory to use MetaMask and in addition to Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) payments are also processed.