Protest Marchers #0001 | Full HD

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29:57 minutes, 37 scenes, Full HD 1920×1080, 60fps, 10000 kBit/s, 2.15GB, MP4 format:

At this point, a new PublicPissPoster movie was originally supposed to be released. Unfortunately, our contributors to this series have withdrawn their consent due to the massive copyright violations. We very much hope to regain their trust in the near future.

There is, however, a completely new series, recorded at street demonstrations. And also environmentalists sometimes have to piss in public when the bladder demands relief…

The movie can be downloaded in Full HD with 60fps or alternatively Full HD / 25fps or in HD with 25fps.

Published on: January 9, 2020

11 reviews for Protest Marchers #0001 | Full HD

  1. Pride

    I’m sorry but just looking at this I wouldn’t buy Public piss poster was your highest seller 🙁 this series they are not even drunk which made them desperate and create big and long streams, I’ll try and remain positive about this as a fan and a supporter tell me how I can support the company

    • d

      Well, we have already identified and locked out several copyright violators, new members will not be admitted for the time being.
      We cannot do more, hopefully our best videos will be released again in the foreseeable future.

  2. Pride

    Public piss poster had drunk girls, which made them desperate and piss huge torrents, and long streams, and powerful concrete destroying streams.. I don’t see any drunk women in here as a pee I Know when a woman is drunk, we will see how it goes what

    My next plan is to buy all the public piss posters movies as a collection soon

  3. PDawg

    If there is anything I can do to further support PublicPissPosters, please let me know. Please pass on my gratitude and 100% favorable reviews to them. If you can put me into contact with them, I would gladly buy direct from them, probably with a tip! Other than the early BeerFest vids, PPPs were my favorite to look forward here. Please encourage them to come back!!!!

    • d

      Thank you for your support!
      It all depends on locking all accounts belonging to the *****.
      It is a Russian who has unfortunately set up several accounts here over time. After each ‘purchase’ the account in question will be blocked, if all accounts are blocked the PPP series will probably be published again.

  4. Pissporno

    This sounds the same like another site which posted outdoor peeing content and had to stop posting peeing content, as the original filmer, don’t want to pass their content any more.

    Nevertheless i rate this video a 5, cause I love seeing young thin chicks pissing (drunk or sober) and most of these protesters from Germany are young students eating healthy food and beeing in good shape. Hope to see more pussy shots next time. Thanks for posting and good luck with fighting against those copycats.

    • d

      Thank you for your words of encouragement!

  5. BabeKristin

    Yes, it is a crime that content from this site released on other sites!
    I hope you can ban all copyright violators. This site must be survive because I love the series PPP and Beer Festival – it is the best public pee content in the web and I am a big fan of this!
    Please continue. I wish you the best and I am glad too see new stuff!

    • d

      Thanks for the nice comment!

  6. AhsanFariq91

    Wow lot of comments on this one. Look, PPP going away is really a shame because it’s the most consistent series on this site…hands down. However, personally, I don’t care all that much. What i DO care about is Quality. Good angles, good camera work, interesting locations, hot-women and close ups must be prioritised. For this video, you’ve picked a great group of girls. But the lack of real “action-shots” is disappointing, because it’s not the high quality that I think we are used to on here. For me to spend my hard earned money on this, it’s got be hot. There’s nothing “hot” about seeing someone pee but everything is completely covered… I have to think… Will I really part with my cash, if I’m paying to see someone simply squat? If I do buy this video, I’ll just skip to the one or two “good” parts. Sorry, but this one is really not worth the money. I look forward to the next ones however.

  7. Willey

    Really enjoy your site – hopefully this can get worked out with PPP. If you want to record other content, I’m sure there are lots of desperation fans like me out there who would love to see girls waiting in the toilet line desperate to pee if they are fidgeting, holding themselves etc, even if you don’t get them actually peeing I’m sure there will still be a demand from desperation fans, like me.

    • d

      Thanks for the suggestion, I think there is at least one such video that will soon be published in the ‘Beer Festival’ category.

  8. Jethrow

    Here is another desperation fan, I would spend my money too for some real desperation scenes, seeing a pussy is not necessary for me but seeing wet pants would be the holy grail!

  9. Edenilson ramires


  10. Edenilson ramires

    I really like it

  11. Joaquin Ramirez

    No comenst

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