Carnival #0023 | Full HD

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30:03 minutes, 19 scenes, Full HD 1920×1080, 60fps, 10000 kBit/s, 2.17GB, MP4 format:

Hot carnival chicks don’t care if anyone sees them but just squat on the ground where they are in case of a pee emergency.

The movie can be downloaded in Full HD with 60fps or alternatively Full HD / 25fps or in HD with 30fps.

Published on: October 7, 2021

2 reviews for Carnival #0023 | Full HD

  1. FG1954 (verified owner)

    Though this video is not among the best, especially the parts filmed with the camera on the go (a lot of dizzying chaotic movements), I would still urge all the fans of this unique site to purchase it to show our support, if for nothing else. We MUST help to keep it functioning thru these tough times. As a positive sign, it’s become known that there will be 2022 Roskilde festival, one of main sources for the best videos posted here, and more that 90% of tickets bought for the cancelled 2021 year festival were transferred by the fans to 2022. Let’s hope it’ll provide a lot of opportunities for new filming.

  2. Jdar123 (verified owner)

    One of the better Carnival videos that have been released. Kind of a surprise given that there’s not much new footage. So I was very happy to see this. Some excellent pussy shots in this. Like the smart man above me said, let’s support this site continually so we can get some new footage in 2022. I can’t wait to see what PO does next 😀

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