Full HD #0002

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30:20 minutes, 33 scenes, Full HD 1920×1080, 60fps, 10000 kBit/s, 2.16 GB, MP4 format:

Lots of girls are caught relieving their bladders without too much cover simply in the streets or public parks.

The movie can be downloaded as a single large file or as WinRAR archive.

Published on: December 25, 2018

4 reviews for Full HD #0002

  1. job678

    I’m buying the second episode of this series to support this new high-def style. This is the best series if you’d like to see more details of the girls pussies and bums up close. However, the angles are not so good all the time. A few girls were so hot I would have lost my mind looking at their sweet pussies in HD quality but unfortunately the camera angles were not good enough. I want to see way more of this series, but please use more static cams and such so we can see watch these smoking hot girls pee straight from their delicious pussies! Thanks for the Christmas treat!

  2. mikeychatter

    I really like the idea of this new HD series, but some of the clips are much better than others (and appear to be at a higher resolution?) The street ones are wonderful, but the others are not quite as good. Still, worth the money for sure.

    • d

      Thanks for your comment! The resolution is constant but the quality strongly depends on the light conditions, cloudy conditions affect the quality as well as dense bushes that weaken the sunlight.

  3. steve3344

    These series are very nice. By the way, It appears that these models are aware they are being shot. The thrill obviously is sneek-peeking on the girls while the shoot the hot streams..

  4. steve3344

    Any plans to see the beautiful faces of the ladies in future?

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