Latina Pissing Compilation #0002 | Full HD

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30:29 minutes, Full HD 1920×1080, 60fps, 6000 kBit/s, MP4 format:

Our camera caught lots of girls pissing on the river bank, almost 6 hours uninterrupted pee action in Full HD quality. Here comes the first part…

Published on: July 18, 2019

3 reviews for Latina Pissing Compilation #0002 | Full HD

  1. murphy1985 (verified owner)

    this is to set up, some of the girls dont even pee they just squat there, defo paid models. bring back the urinal series ..that ‘pisses’ all over this!!! waste of money

  2. BabeKristin (verified owner)

    That is not true! You can see in the preview what you will get if you buy.
    I only want to see YOUNG pissing girls preferred in front view. The best series are PUBLIC PISS Poster and Beer Festival Full HD. This series present this. Consequently it is no waste of money.

  3. Wumbo87

    Ive got to agree with others slightly here… Great girls and a good spot to capture. I dont think it is fake but I do think the camera angle isnt great. I simply wont pay such money if I don’t see a single pussy. Please, we need frontal view or up close camera shots of the girls peeing. Public piss poster is a great series because we so much up close.

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