Beer Festival #0167


Published on: September 2, 2015


6:01 minutes, 2 scenes, HDTV 1280×720, 4000 kBit/s:

  • Four ladies stand together, two of them have to pee and all discuss where to go. After some hesitation the first girl squats right in front of our camera and tries to piss, but cannot release a single drop in this public place. Finally she gives up, the second girl takes her place and pees a river. After having seen her friend, the first one tries her luck again in the same place, but she crouches very low, so we cannot see whether she is successful or not.
  • Drunk girl has absolutely no inhibitions and empties her bladder in a high squat very publicly next to some cars on the gravel. Several passers-by cannot believe their eyes as witnessed by their disgusted comments.
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